Meadow House under construction

Project Team: Lawrence and Gómez Architects

Gary Rosson, Western Soils; Jon X. Giltner, Structural Eng.

Strong Framing Co., Inlighten Studios, Namaste Solar


68. Detail of fireplace stone

At the corners tile setter Erick Muniz carefully toothed in alternating rows of Coppersmine slate in ledge stone pattern.

67. Fireplace cladding

Fireplace shown before and after stone cladding

66. Granite installation by Moros Fabrication

Rey Flores and the crew of Moros Fabrication installs leathered Nordic Black granite counter tops.

65. Interior painting

Painters’ ladders and tools

64. West elevation

West elevation ready for stucco color

63. Rediscovered Woods recycles tree, click for more.

Kevin Kisich brings the sawn tree on site to template the raised counter top. Click photo for more.

62. Namaste Solar lays out panels.

Martin Beggs of Namaste Solar lays out solar array on the roof prior to installation.

61. Gary builds stair rail.

Carpenter Gary Friedlander lays out the rail pieces prior to installation.

60. Wrapped beam

Wrapped beam ready to receive stain and light fixtures

59. Carpenter Matt prepares beam

Carpenter Matt Fitzrandolf installs wood wrap on beam.

58. Carpenter Matt Fitzrandolf inspects wood

Carpenter Matt Fitzrandolf inspects wood.

57. Exterior stone veneer – click here to watch video

Stone veneer on metal lathe by Howard Davis Masonry

56. Boys’ bath floor

Wood texture tiles laid and ready for grout

55. Master bath palette

Tile, pebbles, and paint color for Master Bath

54. Meanwhile, interior finishes continue

Desk by deck entrance in progress

53. August 2012 – Painter

Chad with Dave Barry Painting sprays colored stain on fascia, trim, and soffits.

52. August 2012 – Painters

Painters unmask windows and shingles after color is applied on trim.

51. August 2012 – Exterior painting

Dave Barry’s painters work on long ladders on the west side of the building.

50. August 2012 – Spiral stair by Rob Goehring of Quality Metal Fabricators

Plan view of spiral stair in place

49. August 2012

Scott Reardon, the general contractor, steadies the stairs as Mike and Lou of Quality Metal Fabricators bolt it to the structure.

48. August 2012

Crane lifts spiral stair off the metal fabricator’s trailer.

47. August – Green Flooring Company

Paul of Green Flooring Company walks on the engineered flooring during installation.

46. early August – red birch cabinets from Piper Wycoff of Kitchens by Wedgewood

Cabinet setters’ tools seen in the kitchen.

45. early August

Randy and Rory of Wedgewood install the buffet cabinets.

44. July 2012 – Northwest corner

43. July 2012 – Pondering a difficult detail

Trim carpenter Jack Sasson, general contractor Scott Reardon, and trim supplier Scott Brizol (of Rocky Mountain Forest Products) ponder a difficult detail.

42. July 2012 – Plastic covers windows

Plastic on windows protects them from sprayed primer.

41. July 2012 – Electricians at work

Electricians Jared and Matt with Excel Electric relocate a switch box.

40. July 2012 – Drywaller on stilts

To reach high, tight places, drywallers work on stilts.

39. July 2012 – Drywall scaffolding

Scaffolding used by Fossil Creek Drywall to reach the tall volumes of the living room

38. July 2012 – Insulation

Inside, an installer with Fossil Creek sprays a skim coat of foam insulation under the roof sheathing. Then the cavity was filled with recycled cellulose to achieve a rating of R-53.

37. June 2012 – Garage doors installed

Dave Kilcrease of Reardon Custom Homes ascends the front steps. The newly installed garage doors can be seen in the foreground.

36. June 2012 – Rough-ins continue in ceiling/floor

Rough-ins continue. Carefully coordinated trades fill the joist space between the floor and ceiling with duct lines for air conditioning, orange pipes for fire sprinklers, orange tubing for radiant heat, j-boxes for light fixtures and smoke detectors, red and blue hot and cold water lines, cables for photovoltaics, coaxial cables for media/communications, and electrical wiring.

35. May 2012 – Rough-ins in walls and floors

Meanwhile inside, plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning duct work are roughed in. This is a view of wall in the kitchen.

34. May 2012 – Roofing and front porch

Tony Zurn of Zurn Ply Roofing installs asphalt shingles above framed front porch.

33. April 2012 – Front steps

Boulder Flatwork forms, reinforces, and pours concrete front steps.

32. April 2012 – Back deck framing

Once reinforced columns have cured, they are ready for deck framing.

31.March 2012 – Masons erect block columns. Click here to watch video.

Masons complete third column. Click image to watch video.

30.Masons prepare block

Mason with Howard Davis Masonry prepares block for CMU columns.

29. Window set in place

28.Installing flexible flashing

After window has been fastened into the framing, carpenter applies face flashing.

27.Framers set windows in openings

Window set into opening over thru-wall flashing

26. March 2012 – Window units arrive on site

Framer matches window unit to opening.

25. Opening captures Flatirons

24. Window openings  frame snow-capped Front Range

23. March 2012 Roof trusses in place

22. Setting ridge beam – click here to see a YouTube video of this and other framing moments

Mike Dunlap’s framers and boom truck raise the ridge beam


Strong Framing crew braces section of east wall


Boom truck ready to raise large walls


Main level walls framed


Framing in progress

17. February 2012 Framing

Mike Dunlap’s Strong Framing crew builds main level walls

16. February Backfilling

Front end loader seen backfilling through framed lower level opening

15. February

Compaction of earth around foundation walls

14. February

General Contractor Scott Reardon protects concrete slabs ahead of a storm.

13. January 2012 Structural slab

Detail of rigid insulation over void forms over vapor barrier on gravel base. Over this assembly, the plumbers will lay the radiant heat tubing that will be encased in the structural slab.

12. January

Boulder Flatwork prepares the structural slab substrate ahead of reinforcing and pouring the slab.

11. January Forming and pouring foundation

Formed, poured, and insulated foundation walls will be ready for backfill once the main floor is framed in place

10. December 2011 Caissons – click here for YouTube video

Premier Foundations with O’Brien Pumping drill and fill concrete caissons in this video.

9. December

A crew drills and reinforces a concrete pier.

8. December Surveying

Flagstaff Surveying stakes the building location.

7. November 2011

View from the meadow where the house will be located.

6. Summer-Fall 2011 Design and engineering

SketchUp three dimensional drawing looking out from the rooftop deck towards the Flatiron mountains of Google Earth.

5. Summer-Fall 2011

Three dimensional drawing of the entry elevation.

4. Summer-Fall 2011

3D drawing of west elevation

3. Summer-Fall 2011

Study model

2. Summer-Fall 2011

Roof plan

1. Summer-Fall 2011

Plan view of model