Street Presence

Project Team: Lawrence and Gómez Architects

Cottonwood Custom Builders, Jon X. Giltner and Associtates Structural Engineers, Flagstaff Surveying

This project gave us an opportunity to remake the front elevation of an existing house and add a generously sized office. Its large windows capture views of the mountains, creating a wonderful space to work and giving a strong street presence to the house. We designed this room taller than the original building to help it stand out between its two-story neighbors (see Before photos below).  High ceilings make the office comfortable and light inside. Stained trim accentuates the clean, classic lines. A new courtyard created by the addition enhances the entrance.

Inside, eliminating walls between living-dining-kitchen resulted in a single large space. Without disrupting the existing roof, we carved a taller ceiling out of the attic. This created a space of elegant proportions with the same vaulted shape as the new office.

Every room was updated.

BEFORE: The original entrance was dark and tucked out of view. Interiors were cramped.