Rustic Trail

Project Team: Lawrence and Gómez Architects

Jon X. Giltner and Associtates Structural Engineers, Western Soils Geotechnical Engineering, Cottonwood Custom Builders

In 2010, I Have A Dream Foundation’s Home Tour showcased this house. It has also been highlighted in Boulder County Home and Garden. Read the post What Does Green Look Like? (click) for its sustainable features.

At the new entrance (above), stone columns and stained wood trellis welcome visitors. We expanded the living area to take advantage of the adjacent pond and golf course (below). A new attached gazebo replaces the previous screened porch.

The interior spaces previously were partitioned from each other and dark, with only a handful of small skylights. With the kitchen as a centerpiece, the design opened the living spaces. We added clerestories for natural light in the center of the rooms. With all the openness, each area still maintains its individuality defined by large columns and the central stone fireplace.

The kitchen centers around two islands, one that is 4’ x 11’. Colossal columns serve to support a stained wood beam and frame views of the kitchen and views beyond from either side.
BEFORE: Below, original dark screened porch where bright addition with gazebo now stand; and unremarkable previous entrance (bottom).