Eldorado House

Project Team: Lawrence and Gómez Architects

Jon X. Giltner and Associtates Structural Engineers, Western Soils Geotechnical Engineering, Cottonwood Custom Builders

Addition and remodel that includes

New master suite bedroom, office, closet, and bath

Passive shading and active photovoltaic systems. Click here for more info.

New entrance and foyer carved out of original 2-car garage

BEFORE: Original garage and elevation as seen from the street  Where’s the front door?

New dining room replaced original interior courtyard. Tall walls, natural light, and art lighting provide gallery space for the owners’ collection.

Living room with column in the foreground. This project has three custom metal columns that sit on steel plates cast flush on concrete slabs.

The interior column base is adjacent to the stained, heated concrete floor.capitalbasechickenducks

Master suite

Three-dimensional drawings