Efficient Stair Plans

Photos and plans of smallest stairs that comply with building codes. The drawings show three options for stairs to climb 9′-0″. A) Spiral stair – compact and efficient plan saves space in small… Continue reading

Drawings and Design, 3D

Shortly after conceptual plans (see previous post Drawings and Design, 2D), three-dimensional schematics begin. The illustrations on this post are a sampling of the physical model and 3D drawings we used to design… Continue reading

Drawings and Design, 2D

Two-dimensional basics: Plans, sections, elevations, and construction drawings Often design starts with a hand-sketched schematic floor plan. The one shown above combines layout of rooms, relationship to the landscape, views, and location of… Continue reading

Staying Cool – The Passive Options

A summer of frequent 100-plus degree days underlines the need for cooling strategies. Turning on the air conditioner, evaporative cooler, or even the electric fans should be the last resort. Here are some… Continue reading

Loud and quiet in NYC

A metal apple, incongruously suspended in a glass box, perches quietly over translucent steps and cylindrical elevator that lure crowds to the burrow of early adopters. Beyond the street noise uptown at the… Continue reading

Masonry at the edge of town

A green belt surrounds the City of Boulder, Colorado. Planners have acquired natural and rural property including in 1978 the Viele-VanVleet Farm, an original homestead. The Viele family crossed the prairie in covered… Continue reading

What does Green look like?

Every new house and remodel can be Green. Don’t hesitate to add sustainable features to your project. Green comes in every shade and style. Enhanced by clerestory day-lighting throughout, this house earns 5… Continue reading

Function in a dream kitchen

We’re Featured on Houzz (click for link)! Today Houzz.com features a project by Lawrence and Gomez Architects. Their article about 9 features to consider for your dream kitchen includes Functional task stations. Anything… Continue reading

Sepia in color

Window in newly recreated Fort Lupton Winters can be long and cold along the banks of the Platte River on the Colorado prairie. In the early 19th century, non-native traders built several solid… Continue reading

Black and white in color

Early winter paints eastern Colorado in grays and browns Grain elevator and water tower of La Salle, Colorado Tracks and train cars The faint November sun enters this pioneer window.