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Historic Boulder Holiday Tour

The work of Lawrence and Gomez Architects in the Reppelier House was featured in this year’s Historic Boulder Holiday Tour. The kitchen expansion utilizes modern materials and equipment, while its palette keeps it… Continue reading

Landscape artists’ tricks

To make a small space feel more expansive, draw the eye up by calling attention to the ceiling. Read more in the article linked below about how to achieve a feeling of greater… Continue reading

OAUs, alley studios, and garages

The City of Boulder is revisiting its requirements for ADU’s, OAU’s, and studios. These are a few we have worked on over the years.

Winter comfort

Sunny, cold February days make us think of Passive House principles.

Modernized Stanford House in progress

Winter progress with moonset  

Cost of a kitchen

Finishing stages

Stanford house gets drywall, flooring, exterior stone

Morning light on Clubhouse

Silver Maple House in winter

Good design featured (again)

The work of Lawrence and Gomez Architects has been featured on once again. This time it is in an article that highlights well-designed bathrooms with a 100 sf footprint. This bathroom, which… Continue reading