Modern as The Greenest Building

The Mid-century Modern addition and restoration continues this summer. We are investigating the possibility and relative merits of a thermal solar system and/or a photovoltaic array.


A Hoby Wagener house in Boulder gets energy upgrades and more.

This house was also featured recently in Distinctive Homes of Boulder Valley as a historic house with recent energy upgrades. Click here to read the article.

Lawrence and Gómez Architects with Reardon Custom Homes are in the Spotlight of the Colorado Green Building Guild (click)

Green Preservation – The greenest building is the one that already exists. Our restoration and addition of the mid-
century modern T. Maslin House in Boulder demonstrates the balance between sustainability and
preservation. This remodel illustrates that Green and Historic can coexist.

True to the aesthetics and technology of 1953, the original house by Hoby Wagener has a solid
base of local sandstone topped by a very light, thin roof over transom glass. With only the cavity
between 2×6 rafters available for insulation, we devised a detail of tapered roof rigid foam and
interior closed cell spray foam to achieve an R-50. Click to read more in Gimme Shelter.

The restoration has a very low carbon footprint. The house exceeds the International Energy Conservation Code requirements by 40%. The
renovation includes

reuse of 90% of the envelope and structure

enhanced daylighting

custom low U-value replicas of historic transom windows

radiant in-floor heat

improved solar access

hydronic capability

natural ventilation

passive cooling

Click here for more on this project.