reduce, reuse, RECYCLE

or How a Tree Lives Again Indoors

Milled cottonwood trunks dry in stacks waiting to be transformed into beautiful objects.


As construction continues on the Meadow House, workers prepare to deconstruct  the existing house on the property (too much structural damage to salvage). It starts with cutting down an elm tree that has grown too close to the building.

The tree cutters offer an opportunity for the homeowners to re-purpose the wood and turn it into a kitchen counter top for the new house. This will result in  a green and sustainable product manufactured by a local craftsman. The tree is removed in large pieces, milled into thick boards, and allowed to dry for many months…

…among stacks of maples and many other species.

Midway through the drying process, Kevin Kisich of Rediscovered Woods involves the homeowners and the architect in laying out the elm boards.

To achieve the shape drawn on the floor plan, he arranges the pieces several ways,  striving to bring out the natural grain, bark, and markings in the final product.

Check back in November to see photos of the counter top in place.