Drawings and Design, 2D

Two-dimensional basics: Plans, sections, elevations, and construction drawings

Often design starts with a hand-sketched schematic floor plan. The one shown above combines layout of rooms, relationship to the landscape, views, and location of the main entrance.

The schematic section above includes ideas about volumes and shapes of ceilings, along with notes on details and finishes.

As the plan develops (above), additional elements  give definition to the spaces. This drawing shows kitchen layout, furniture, window placement, and landscaping.

A fully dimensioned final floor plan becomes the builders’ main tool for constructing the house.

Alongside plan development, other drawings add to the exploration. Building elevations help us determine what the house will look like. The pencil renderings below investigate options of stone patterns, locations of windows, and roof shapes. The final elevation is shown in color with photos of the finished product below. Click here for more photos of the completed house.