Architectural pairings – Beach Holiday

Bright blue aluminum chairs can evoke the seaside by their simple juxtaposition against galvanized corrugated metal and weathered wood decking. Our firm designed the addition to this house in Colorado, contrasting the existing construction with a fresh material palette. At the rear deck, the parallel lines of the metal siding provide the visual connection to the original.

Pair this setting with ceviche. All along the Latin pacific coast, locals prepare this light and healthy dish with regional variations. The version below comes from Lima. Except for the fish, all ingredients can be grown in your own garden or purchased at the local summer markets.

1 lb wild caught Halibut, but into ½” cubes

juice of 4 limes

½ red onion

1 clove garlic, crushed

2 Tbsp cilantro leaves


2 boiled potatoes, cold and sliced in half

2 boiled sweet potatoes, cold and sliced in half

lettuce leaves

1 sliced jalapeno (starts with ½ and add as needed) OR prepared green hot pepper sauce

In a large bowl, gently combine fish, lime juice, onion, and garlic. Let sit covered in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Toss in the cilantro and salt to taste. Add the hot peppers or serve on the side. Present as shown over freshly picked lettuce leaves.